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Cat James

They say print is dead. We say ‘Long Live Print’! Cat started her creative training as an industrial designer before embarking on her career as a graphic designer and is Pinkeye’s print design expert.

Cat has a visual style which lends itself to producing modern and effective communications both in print and online. With her unusual combination of traditional 2D and 3D design skills (as well as being a qualified designer she is a competent potter and dressmaker) alongside a passion for online media, Cat brings a fresh and highly effective voice to an internet swamped by me-too wannabe websites.

Cat is also employed by the Isle of Wight Council as a graphic designer and has many years’ experience producing publications for a wide-range of clients within this public sector organisation.

Cat, along with Matt, writes the popular food review website Matt and Cat’s Isle of Wight Eating Out Guide, which is now also a fortnightly column in the Isle of Wight County Press. Cat also has her own monthly column and is the force behind Wight Catwalk; so if you want anything writing, we’re the people for you.

Matthew Chatfield

A successful web writer and publisher since 1995, Matthew has designed and managed dozens of websites including the award-winning Naturenet. Having seen internet trends and techniques come and go, he has a knack for finding the right solution.

Featuring content and usability to the fore, his clean and modern websites transparently utilise recent web developments to deliver online messages consistently for clients from the nationally-acclaimed British Wildlife Photography Awards to the hyper-local Friends of Appley. Simple to use, mobile-responsive sites, that look good to clients and also rank well in search engine.

Matthew’s experience and knowledge of the countryside and environmental issues has been put to good use for a range of ‘green’ clients, and as a columnist in the Isle of Wight County Press. His copy writing, editing and image manipulation skills also feature on much of the offline work of Pinkeye Graphics.

Pinkeye are great people to work with - they know my business and I trust their advice. Plus my logo looks great!

Karl DysonROMAN Trees and Landscape

Pinkeye Graphics create wonderful catalogues for our prestigious event, always going the extra mile to make it the best it can be.

Jason HeapCelebration of Craftsmanship and Design

I have had several websites and logos designed for other projects and this was by far the easiest and the most cost effective.

Caroline HopkinsHopkins Coaching

Pinkeye are fantastic web hosts, lightning fast to respond to any external issues or glitches.

Ruth D'AlessandroArabic to Zoology Ltd

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