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Some of Pinkeye Graphics’ web clients are happy with a single page web presence. Others have sophisticated custom-built e-commerce features and easy-peasy content management systems. We can do them all, and we’ll work with you to find the best solution.

Owning a website doesn’t need to be hard. Using a range of content management systems, you can change the content on your websites when you want to – or we can do it for you. And if your aspirations are higher Pinkeye has strong technical backup through our specialist development partners.

We use a range of platforms for delivery depending on the client’s need. Some websites  – including some of the most complicated – are entirely custom-made. But mostly these days we are working in either WordPress or Perch. All of our modern sites are responsive – working really well on phones and tablets – because that’s how most of your visitors will arrive. We’re proud that our work lasts; some of the sites we built over five years ago are still running successfully without any major redesign, and our first site, built in 1995, is still live and regularly updated.

A selection of sites from our portfolio

Click through to see the real thing – don’t forget to try them on your phone, too.

The Lost Crypt

The Lost Crypt

Working with a local charity we designed and created this stylish website with online booking


Sylvia Clare

A simple, great-value one page website for a client with very straightforward requirements

Isle of Wight Pride

Isle of Wight Pride

Isle of Wight Pride - we've proudly supported this great event since 2017

Dr Lucy Rogers

The online home of Prof. Lucy Rogers, inventor

Level Hair and Beauty

Stylish and functional, this website incorporates an external booking system.

The Gambling Man

One of our most recognisable brands and logos, plus a top website.

Wight Catwalk

Style is the key to this website, so of course our on-trend design and logo does the job.

Matt and Cat

Yeah, it's us. Obviously we designed and built our own website, and here it is.

Friends of Appley

This little website is perfect for a local charity.

Artisan Foods

This busy bakery works across London, and customers can find them with the custom mapping on their website.


One of London's trendiest wine bars - we made them one of London's trendiest websites: our very clean and simple one-page business site.

The Isle of Wight Natural History & Archaeological Society

This local society has a very active website - we imported this from their old system and created a whole new editing structure for volunteers to use.

Matt and Cat of Pinkeye Graphics have a busy online life. Running popular blogs takes a little commitment, but is easier than you might think, when you know how. Content is king, and we can’t overstate how important it is for your website to be regularly updated if it’s to keep its place in the crowded search engine ranking market. Using social media, bite-sized relevant chunks of information, little and often will help your site keep within the digital radar. And it’s not rocket science. Got a Facebook account? Ever uploaded a video to Youtube? Not hard, is it? Use it to your advantage – we will show you how!

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