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International English

By 28th October 2008One Comment

This really annoys me. When installing a new program, you get language options. The default is always something called “US English”. Well, clearly that isn’t me. So invariably I take the trouble to change the default to the only other English option: something called “International English”.

International English? I’m not sure what that is. Nobody would ever describe themselves as an International English speaker – I certainly don’t. The word ‘international’ is actually being used here as a euphemism for ‘foreign’. US English is foreign to me, but I wouldn’t be inconsiderate enough to make any US English-speakers describe themselves as foreign.

Perhaps we should just call International English ‘English’. And make it the default. If anyone wants to specify a country they’re welcome to do so, but if not, just leave it plain and unqualified.

One Comment

  • Tom says:

    The reason this got changed to US English is because many stupid Americans didn’t know which option to choose when only ‘English’ was available! Seriously… it’s still the same language so choosing US English would be the same as choosing just plain old English… we just have to give the Americans a helping hand when choosing their language! haha

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