You may not know all about Pinkeye Graphics -
but you will probably have seen our work!

The secret of a decent logo is its scalability. Sure you can have a fussy multi-coloured logo with every effect that Photoshop can throw at it but will it be any good when it's the size of a postage stamp? Will it render to the size of the back of a bus? At Pinkeye Graphics, we design our logos in the infinitely-scaleable vector format and in single and multiple colourways for all of your branding requirements. Word!

  • Gift to Nature

    Gift to Nature

    Refreshed logo for Natural Enterprise's nature conservation charity, Gift to Nature.

  • Green Towns

    Green Towns

    Logo for Natural Enterprise's Green Towns project. The logo had to incorporate many different aspects of local green living.

  • IW Orchard Group

    IW Orchard Group

    IW Orchard Group. A project of the West Wight Landscape Partnership.

  • Trend


    Trend, a youth initiative of the Footprint Trust.

  • Artisan Foods

    Artisan Foods

    Artisan Foods. Handmade sweet and savoury pastry products and cakes.

  • Wight10

    Wight Decathlon

    One Island, three athletes, ten ways to race! Known as Wight10, this crazy race raised money for Needles Battery gun carriage.

  • Train2Gain


    Train2Gain is a Footprint Trust project offering free training for those who serve our communities: giving people skills they need.

  • Wight Heat

    Wight Heat

    The client preferred a different solution to this devilish logo!

  • Cemetery Wardens

    Cemetery Wardens

    Cemetery Wardens is a joint project of West Wight Landscape Partnership and Footprint Trust.

  • Wight Heat

    Wight Heat

    Wight Heat briquettes logo.

  • Pinkeye Graphics

    Pinkeye Graphics

    The original logo for Matt and Cat's design business, now superseded.

  • Thin Green Line

    The Thin Green Line

    Graphic used to promote film celebrating positive action on the Isle of Wight.