Print and publications

Flyers, leaflets, posters, documents, interpretation boards

Long live print!

Pinkeye Graphics has years of experience producing printed work. From single page posters to multi-page annual reports - and even a novel - we've produced them all!

Pinkeye Graphics
Wight Winter Walks 2012/13 The Thin Green line publicity Newchurch Bee Fields interpretation panel Goodleaf 'Special Branch' flyer Isle of Wight Chines booklet Wight Summer Walks 2012
Individual solutions

Design for print is not the same as design for the web - but the two are closely connected, especially when your marketing material needs to work both online and on a poster or flyer. Even different print publications have different requirements - photos in newsprint ads, for example, can easily get blurred and so need special handling to look their best. Getting that technical detail right is what we are good at - and our clients trust us to take care of the quality.

Our suppliers

We have good relationships with a range of printers and media providers across the country, enabling us to get excellent prices for works such as:

We also licence our library of wildlife and landscape images and video for various uses, both in print and on screen.

Some of our clients
  • The Footprint Trust
  • Natural Enterprise
  • West Wight Landscape Partnership
  • Gift to Nature
  • The Hampshire & IW Wildlife Trust
  • Landscape Therapy
  • Lioness Productions
  • The History Channel
  • Visit Isle of Wight
  • The Julia Margaret Cameron Trust
  • The Science Channel (US)
  • Isle of Wight AONB Partnership
  • Live Events & Productions
  • Wight Heat
  • Angela Kimberley Ltd
  • Arabic to Zoology Ltd
  • Hepburns Planning Consultancy
  • Matt and Cat's Isle of Wight Eating Out Guide