Case studies

Some projects we've worked on

Pinkeye Graphics has worked with a variety of clients within the public sector, charities, private individuals and on its own projects. Some of this work has been done in partnership with other agencies, such as leading ExpressionEngine developers Made by Hippo.

British Wildlife Photography Awards

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The British Wildlife Photography Awards were established in 2009. Pinkeye Graphics inherited the website from its first incarnation and, working closely with Carl Crawley from Made by Hippo, they completely rebuilt this busy web site.

Footprint Trust

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Bestival and Footprint Trust's ‘Adopt A Bottle' scheme gives every Isle of Wight schoolchild a free fully recycled Brita water bottle to adopt as their own. In addition, local schools have the opportunity to host free water-saving workshops.

Party invitation: Theo's bar mitzvah

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Pinkeye Graphics has created some stunning party invitations. Today, party invitations are a big part of our business. Here's one we did for Theo's Bar Mitzvah celebration.

Gift to Nature

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Gift to Nature is responsible for a variety of conservation sites around the Isle of Wight. Cat designed their logo which she included in her design for their fund- and awareness-raising leaflet - packing a lot of information into this little publication.