Theo's bar mitzvah invitation

Coming of age with Pinkeye Graphics

Party invitations

Pinkeye Graphics have made invitations for just about any event imaginable, but have carved out a niche for themselves with bar mitzvah invitations. A bar mitzvah is not just a party - it's got special meaning, and getting that message across in a lively way is often an opportunity for Pinkeye's more abstract and intriguing designs to shine.

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Theo's barmitzvah invitation - front Theo's barmitzvah invitation - reverse Theo's barmitzvah invitation - thank you card Jonah's barmitzvah invitation - front Jonah's barmitzvah invitation - reverse Jonah's barmitzvah invitation - thank you card
An occasion to remember

This was a big event for one family, and we made sure they had the design that took everybody's views into account. Theo's a young man who likes football and table tennis, amongst other things, but his invitation also included reference to Arsenal, cheese and the Torah! See how designer Cat managed to weave all these themes into one image above. That one certainly was a unique design that could only be for Theo.

A family tradition

They must have liked what we did, because they asked us back! Theo's invitation was actually the second from that family - you can see some extracts from his older brother's bar mitzvah invitation too.