British Wildlife Photography Awards

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British Wildlife Photography Awards

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The BWPA is run almost entirely from its website: a Pinkeye Graphics website. With many thousands of photographs submitted online every year, in a range of categories, it's a big job to keep all that running. National publicity in Outdoor Photography magazine, in the Guardian and the Times ensure that this is one of the busiest sites on the Pinkeye server all year around.

Pinkeye Graphics

This website is very specific to the client's needs, and has been carefully designed with support from specialist developers. Powered by ExpressionEngine, modules were designed and installed for uploading images, taking payments and giving access for the judges and competition editors to manage the many thousands of wonderful images submitted annually. Each year the competition changes, and this modern system is flexible enough to change with it.


BWPA is a competition with a high profile, and high standards of website functionality and customer service are essential. Pinkeye Graphics not only keeps things going in the engine room, but also gives quick and professional technical support responses to queries from the photographers using the site.

Features of the BWPA website:

  • Images submitted online
  • PayPal e-commerce functionality
  • Lightbox feature for competitors to review their submissions
  • Robust server able to cope with heavy demand
  • Images resized automatically to make uploading as painless as possible.
  • Private editing area for judges and site editors

BWPA Image credits: Portuguese Man o' War jelly fish - Charles Hood. Water Vole re-introduction scheme - Terry Whittaker. Lesser Redpoll feeding on dandelion seeds - Alan Price.