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Highlights of 2016

One of the things we get asked a lot is "Are you guys busy?" Ignoring the fact that Cat is not a 'guy', our answer is invariably YES! Thanks very much to our regular clients - and our new ones - for using us. We've been involved in some fabulous projects, most of which are right here on the beautiful Isle of Wight.

Here are some of 2016's highlights.

Cosmedica Beauty

Cosmedica Beauty montage

Dr Kieron and nurse Vicky Cooney opened their new clinic in Ryde at the beginning of January. We were delighted to create their branding and also design and produce signage and custom wallpaper for the clinic's reception area. We also create their leaflets, business and appointment cards and arrange all printing. We really enjoy working with Cosmedica Beauty, it's been brilliant seeing the business go from strength to strength. As well as Kieron and Vicky coming to us for regular advertisements, we've produced a brochure to help explain the clinic's various procedures, and also arranged a photoshoot with a talented local photographer. We also created, host and manage the Cosmedica Beauty website.

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 Published: 1st January 2017 by Cat.
Categories: Pinkeye Graphics news, Case Studies


Using Font Awesome with minileven Wordpress mobile theme

If you're using Font Awesome in your Wordpress posts and pages you may have noticed that it stops working when you view the page in the small mobile theme (known as minileven) which comes with Jetpack. This is the theme that shows up when you view a site on most iPhones, for example, so that might be a problem. 

 There's a reason it's like that, of course, which is that downloading Font Awesome every time adds to bandwidth, and minileven is supposed to be very light. But hey, you want the site to work don't you? Luckily it's easy to fix.

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 Published: 2nd November 2015 by Matt.
Categories: From the Engine Room, How to, Wordpress


Wordpress menu and widget editing stops working - and how we fixed that.

Making a Wordpress website (version 4.2.2) for a client we had a ferocious load of plugins on board. Any Wordpress web designer knows that this can be a recipe for trouble, and so it proved for us. Sometimes plugins are not compatible with each other and stuff stops working. For us it was two things in the admin screen: the drop-down menu to edit widgets was no longer working; and the menu editing screen no longer allowed drag and drop. 

Standard advice for this scenario is to disable and uninstall plugins one by one. We could do that, but every one of these plugins was needed for this site, and some of them had a lot of work and data associated with them. So that was not the favoured option. Luckily a bit of research found a better solution. 

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 Published: 21st June 2015 by Matt.
Categories: From the Engine Room, Wordpress


Bang on 'trend' - the creation of a brand

Like many local authorities, the Isle of Wight Council has been bashed almost out of existence by Tory cuts. The upshot of this is that many local services will stop being delivered. However some have got a slight reprieve with the help of external agencies. Last autumn the Isle of Wight's youth service was outsourced to around a dozen providers under the Youth Offer. One of the organisations awarded funds to deliver youth services is the sustainable living charity The Footprint Trust.

Pinkeye Graphics has had a long and lively business relationship with The Footprint Trust and we were delighted to be asked to help with the branding for the trust's new upcycling centre and youth cafe, which they had chosen to call 'trend'.

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 Published: 23rd February 2015 by Cat.
Categories: Pinkeye Graphics news, Case Studies


Hedgehog books for lunch

Look, two of our favourite clients colliding - this cute upcycled hedgehog is made in trend, Newport; and on display at Cantina, Ventnor! Purely by coincidence, we designed the shopfront for both of them. And also the Cantina business cards this spiny chap is sporting. 

Hedgehog books for lunch

 Published: 7th February 2015 by Matt.
Categories: Pinkeye Graphics news

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